Automated Fund Management

We have consistently maintained a success rate of over 70% every month in the past decade, growing our accounts months after month ,via our market research and trade ideas we publish from time to time. At Shamayal, we provide free and impartial advise and guides you to improve your finances and tools.

Why Automated Fund Management

No Time for Trading

You like the idea of trading but by the time you’ve run some personal work, meetings, and fix-up your pending work you realize the time you blocked off for trading isn’t going to happen.  An automated system allows you to still participate in the market even if you don’t have the time for it.

Overcome the Challenging Emotions

The greatest difficulty a trader faces is deciding when to pull the trigger.  For those who have struggled in the past or never mustered the courage to trade on their own, an automated system offers them an alternative to a market they otherwise would not have considered.

Backtest The Results

 Attempting to back-test a manual trading strategy poses a series of challenges.  This isn’t an issue with automated systems.  There are even platforms such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4) that allow the user to back-test a strategy at no cost to the user.


Many traders enjoy running systems while simultaneously placing trades on their own. For example, you might be comfortable trading EUR/USD but have nightmares about the last time you bought XAU/USD.  Instead of avoiding volatile pairs you can allow a system to trade it on your behalf.

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